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"Christ has become our Paschal sacrifice; let us feast with joy in the Lord. Alleluia!"

A very Holy and grace-filled Easter to all.
Easter is the time to truly celebrate Jesus' Resurrection; He is living among us. Like those who first saw the Risen Christ and lived a life with Christ, we are inspired to live out our everyday life with Christ's presence.
This mystery cannot be lived in isolation. It requires the bonds of the community to support us and to challenge us. I am greatly blessed to have you all as part of my life here at St Peter the Apostle Parish. Whether we gather at church or outside the church, I am fully inspired by your generosity and your participation; I experience the presence of Christ in our midst.
My wish is that we make our parish a home to experience Christ for everyone who is part of our loving community, and all those who visit our parish. Let us continue to build our community greater! Thank you all from the depth of my heart.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our generous parishioners who are continually giving of their time, talents and service to our Parish.
God bless you all!

Fr. Jeronimo Flamenco
PP Saint Peter Apostle
Bedford/Inglewood WA

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