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I feel so proud to share my priestly ministry with a great Community here at Saint Peter the Apostle. I arrived one year ago to this community without any expectations, only with a personal goal to bring all this community closer to God everyday and to show a simple way to live Christian life. “Just be a human with a sense of longing for God” to know God first, after that we are able to trust in him and then we establish a deep relationship with him.

My role in this Christian community is to be a bridge between human kind and God, a bridge that joins humanity with divinity. A priest, who is able to feel the pain, sorrows, joys, happiness and struggles of my people and to show them that our very good God has a plan for it.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to almighty God for trusting me a great community with a diversity of people of different cultures, languages, and ages. In this short period of time I have been able to see the face of Jesus in each one of you and this will be my greatest inspiration to bring all of you more closely to God and to our Catholic faith.

I am looking forward to continuing to share my priestly life with each one of you and to celebrate the Christian sacraments together in the same spirit of the risen Lord, the one who invites us every day to follow, to love and to serve.

In Christ..

Fr. Jeronimo Flamenco
PP Saint Peter Apostle
Bedford/Inglewood WA

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