Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I wish you all a very happy Easter!

We are a beautiful community of faith. Thank you so much for your love and commitment to our Parish. I would also like to welcome and thank all visitors who have joined us this Easter.

Faith brings us all together. Our faith life takes us on a journey to experience the presence of the Risen Lord! Therefore, we call ourselves the Easter People; that is to say, we experience the presence of the Risen Christ in our everyday walk of life.

Once a young person asked me, what is it like to experience the Risen Lord in my life? I smiled and said, if I can look forward for every Good Friday event in my life to be transformed into Easter Sunday, I have experienced the Risen Lord in my life ........

Easter invites us to celebrate how Jesus dies and rises in each of us—in our personal lives and in our community here at St Peter the Apostle, Bedford. Easter celebrates how Jesus is present in our daily work, our relationships, the Joys and Sorrows of the world. Easter invites us to not finish the celebration at Church but to take with us the Risen Christ and include Him as our companion for life! In that active journey with the Risen Christ, we experience His joy and peace.

May the joy and peace of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ be with you always.

Let us joyfully make Him our companion for life.

God Bless.

Fr. Jeronimo Flamenco

PP Saint Peter the Apostle

Bedford/Inglewood WA

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