News – 4th Sunday Advent Year B, 24 December 2017

Happy Christmas to everyone!!!!

The birth of Jesus is a reminder that God has not forgotten us, it is a reminder of how much God loves us, it is a reminder that God has revealed himself to us. So we in turn may reach up to him with praises and glory in thanksgiving for our salvation.

At Christmas we feel that God is very close to us and very loving towards us. At the same time we feel close to one another, when we share lunch or dinner with our family, friends and neighbours. All this happens because God’s son became one of us.

Christmas is all about God becoming one of us. The Incarnation means that God’s Son came down on earth, took on our human nature in order to remind us that we are the children of God. The mystery of the incarnation is a mystery of love. It constitutes the very heart of the Christian faith.

My dear friends, if you want to really understand the mystery of Jesus Christ, we try to live in harmony at home and remember that Jesus is with us always. He became one of us. He lived among us. Jesus is your gift this Christmas.

My dear friends, enjoy your family today and every day and remember that family is so important for you always.

May Almighty God bless you always.

In Christ,
Fr Jeronimo.

Christmas Timetable

Sunday, 24th December
Childrens’ CHRISTMAS VIGIL — On School oval
4.30pm - Bring a chair/blanket/picnic basket .... 
5.30pm - Christmas Carols ...
6.00pm - Outdoor Mass ...

8.45pm - Christmas Carols ... 
9.00pm- Mass ... 

Monday, 25th December

Mass Times this week

9.00am  Tue 26 Dec (St Stephen)
9.00am  Wed 27 Dec (St John)
9.00am  Thur 28 Dec (The Holy Innocents)
9.00am  Fri 29 Dec (5th day in Octave of Nativity)

Children’s Liturgy

The Children’s Liturgy team and the children are having a rest during the school holidays.

We are going to trial Children’s Liturgy at 8.30am Sunday Mass during Term 1 to see if it better suits our younger families.

We look forward to seeing you at our first session for 2018 on Sunday 4th February at 8.30am Mass.

Parish Office

Please note that the Parish Office will close on Thursday, 21 December and re-open on Thursday, 4 January.

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