Lent is a time when we open our hearts as much as possible to the struggle of Jesus’ passion and suffering, so that we can truly live in his victory.

Today’s reading can help us to understand two important things: firstly about the humanity of Jesus, why he came down from heaven to reveal the secret of his humanity. Jesus came down to the earth because from the beginning God entrusted to man his creation, but man has lost the ability to be administrator of God creation; the first man Adam lost the secret of humanity for us but Jesus gained back the secret of humanity to be a good administrator of God.

It was very hard in the beginning for me to understand why the Catholic Church offers the passage of the transfiguration exactly on the second Sunday of lent. I think because last weekend we reflected on Jesus’ humanity, alone in the desert, wrestling with human fear and temptations. And this weekend we reflect on Jesus’ Divinity, full of glory. The connection between the humanity and divinity of Jesus; it is a connection between suffering and death, resurrection and Glory.

Remember glory does not exist before suffering, passion before cross. We need to understand that cross and suffering are inescapable and inseparable.

The message of the transfiguration tells us that is possible to have moments of transfiguration in our own lives, it is possible to live in peace, happiness, harmony and love for one another. But life is not easy every day we experience moments of sadness, failures. Illness, pain, fear, disappointment and anger. God is always with us and he gives us his grace to overcome all these difficult moments and with his grace be a good or better person.

For me the Gospel tells us that a successful relationship with Jesus can improve us and make us different. Remember one thing Jesus does not change the world, but he can change and transform our hearts, if we let him. The transfiguration is about letting the glory of God shine through us so others can catch a glimpse of that Glory.