Malachi 1:14; 2:2:8-10
Matthew 23:1-12

To hear today’s reading, especially to the Prophet Malachi and to Jesus who talks about leadership, about those who are in positions of leadership in the Catholic Church, is a big challenge for each of one of us especially for me, now that I have been a priest for 8 years and from day One have been giving myself fully to God for the cause and sake of his kingdom and the Catholic Church entrusted me, to lead people onto the right path, to bring all of you to God, to show you that our God is a loving God, a merciful God, a God who opens his graces and love for everyone. And to hear what God tells me as a Catholic priest in the Catholic Church today is really a big challenge and commitment and responsibility for me.

Today’s reading is for me an encouragement to be authentic, real and honest and all I can do as a catholic Priest, no matter the price that I need to pay for the sake of being an example of integrity.

Jesus was very severe in denouncing the religious leaders of his time, Jesus’ Criticism of the Scribes and Pharisees was that they failed to practise what they preached, they pretended to be very good and loved to be the centre of attention. Jesus pointed out to them that they neglected important elements, like faith, justice and mercy.

Today’s Gospel is not applicable only to me as a priest. It is applicable to all Christians, about their quality of worship. When we profess to be followers of Christ we must mean what we say, and do what we mean. I think all of us are in constant danger of not living up to our ideals. Often we say we are Christians but we don’t show others what kind of Christians we really are.

My message today is to ask ourselves: why do Catholics leave the church? What is the main reason people stop coming to church on weekends?

What is the big challenge this week for me to do?