Matthew 25:14-30

What are your talents and gifts?

How do you identify them and how do you use them?

One day the son of Beethoven, close friend die. Beethoven rushed over to his friend’s home to express his profound grief. He had no words to offer, but for the next half hour, he sat at his friend’s piano and express his emotions in the most eloquent way he could by playing the piano.

When he had finished, Beethoven simply got up and walked out. His friend later said that no one else’s visit meant as much to him and his family as the music that Beethoven played on that day.

I would like to ask you: what are the gifts that you have? What are your talents? How do you use them? Do you are able to share with others or you prefer to hiding for yourself only?

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells the parable of three servants, two of them are considered good and faithful, the last one is considered worthless and wicked. Why? What are the differences between these servants? For me the difference is the way they use their talents.

The first two took what had been given to them and invested their talents. The last servant, out of fear of his master, buried his money because he believed that his master was a demanding man. The servant can represent us, or this man was immobilized by fear. Sometimes, we too, we do not used our gifts and talents because out of fear, and instead, we burry our talents, or many times as well we considered ourselves unworthy to put our talents in the service of others, or many time we are afraid of taking risks because we fear to be ridicule by others. For me the message of today is very clear, we need to be able to recognize what gifts and talents God has given us and then develop and use them. Please recognize the gifts and talent that you have, please stopped to think that you not have any gifts or talents. If you are not able to recognize your talents then maybe you go and ask someone else to help you to identify those gifts and use them.

Fr. Jeronimo Flamenco
Pp Saint Peter’s Apostle Inglewood
Western Australia, Perth