Our History

The Parish of Bedford/Inglewood was originally attached to the Parish of Maylands. As the area began to develop with new dwellings in the Bedford Park area, Archbishop Prendiville saw the need for a new Church and school. Circa 1935 the Archbishop bought three acres of land at a cost of 450 pounds. This land was used to build the convent, the original hall and first school. Construction of the Church/School/Hall, which when completed and furnished cost 3,000 pounds. The district then became attached to the Parish of Bayswater and became known as the combined Parish of Bayswater-Bedford Park. Soon after, the construction of the Inglewood Parish Church, All Hallows, began.

It was not until 30th January 1949 that the Parish of St. Peter the Apostle, Bedford Park was founded after it was separated definitely from Bayswater. In 1963, work commenced on the new Church, and was completed in 1964, with the title of “War Memorial Church of St. Peter the Apostle.”

In 1981 the two parishes of Inglewood and Bedford combined to become one parish community. In November 2004, the Parish Community farewell the beautiful Parish Church of All Hallows as it was handed to the Melkite community thus making St. Peter’s Church  the centre for the parish.

Looking back at our parish’s long history, from 1938 to 2011 when our website was launched.