Our History

The Parish of Bedford/Inglewood was originally attached to the Parish of Maylands. As the area began to develop with new dwellings in the Bedford Park area, Archbishop Prendiville saw the need for a new Church and school. Circa 1935 the Archbishop bought three acres of land at a cost of 450 pounds. This land was used to build the convent, the original hall and first school. Construction of the Church/School/Hall, which when completed and furnished cost 3,000 pounds. The district then became attached to the Parish of Bayswater and became known as the combined Parish of Bayswater-Bedford Park. Soon after, the construction of the Inglewood Parish Church, All Hallows, began.

It was not until 30th January 1949 that the Parish of St. Peter the Apostle, Bedford Park was founded after it was separated definitely from Bayswater. In 1963, work commenced on the new Church, and was completed in 1964, with the title of “War Memorial Church of St. Peter the Apostle.”

In 1981 the two parishes of Inglewood and Bedford combined to become one parish community. In November 2004, the Parish Community farewell the beautiful Parish Church of All Hallows as it was handed to the Melkite community thus making St. Peter’s Church  the centre for the parish.

Looking back at our parish’s long history, from 1938 to 2011 when our website was launched.

1st DECADE  1938-1948


4th March – Archbishop Prendiville laid and blessed the foundation stone for All Hallows Church.

6th March - Opening ceremony of the new St. Peter’s Church/School Hall by Archbishop Prendiville.  Rev. Dr. Edmond Sullivan Parish Priest.

St. Peter's Church Opening Day

13th March - First Mass celebrated in St Peter’s Church/School Hall.

First Mass at St. Peter's in 1938

Inglewood (Beaufort Street) in 1939


Fr. McBride writes to the Archbishop notifying him of the parishioners desire to  build a school in the area.

Father McBride's Letter to the Archbishop


5 Dominican Sisters came to the Parish from Dongara to open a school. They rented a house in Wood Street, until their convent was built.

26 students were enrolled on the first day and attended classes in the Church/Hall.

St. Peter's School's First 26 Students


Dominican Convent is built.

St. Dominic's Convent


After discharge from the army as Army Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Sullivan was transferred to Glendalough.

Rev. Fr. John Russel was appointed Parish Priest of the combined district of Bayswater/Bedford Park. He rented accommodation in Harcourt Street as there was no Presbytery yet.


2nd DECADE 1948-1958


January - Archbishop Prendiville made Bedford Park a separate parish due to the development of the area. Rev. Mons. Launcelot Goody was appointed Parish Priest. His first Parochial Mass was 30th January. Fr. Russell returned to Bayswater Parish.

Bedford Park divided from Bayswater Parish.


The Presbytery in Wood Street was built at a cost of 2,800 pounds. It was blessed by the Archbishop in August. Mons. Goody was appointed Auxillary Bishop of Perth.


23rd March - Fr. Vincent O’Sullivan  was inducted as Parish Priest.

Message From Fr. Vincent O'Sullivan

July – The foundations of the new school were laid.


7th July – Bishop Goody blessed and opened the Primary School of St. Peter’s Bedford. The  cost of the school (without furnishings) was 10,500 pounds.

8th July – School classes commenced with the number of students enrolled being 225.

St. Peter's School in the 1950's

1953-1954 – Since the school had been established in the new buildings, the original Hall was made complete with Church fittings and used exclusively for Church purposes.


5th June – The Dominican Sisters opened the Secondary School, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Kindergarten and the first buildings were blessed by Archbishop Prendiville. This school was financed by the Sisters.

St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School's Opening Day

Father O'Sullivan at Opening Day of S.T.A. Secondary School, His Grace Archbishop Prendiville on Left

Extensions were made to the Presbytery in Wood Street, with two rooms added at a cost of 1,200 pounds.


November – The Parish held its first ‘Canvassing’- Planned Giving Campaign to help raise funds for the ever expanding needs of the parish.

Planned Giving Campaign Members in 1957

1957-1958 - The Church and school grounds and parking areas were bituminised by Joe Dominish.



3rd DECADE 1958-1968


Second Planned Giving Campaign.


15th August – Work commenced on the New Church (present site).

The Architect was Raymond Jones, the building was done by Torrance Construction whilst Fr. Vin O’Sullivan was Parish Priest and Fr. Pat Ahearn was Assistant Priest.


7th October – The new Church was blessed and opened by Archbishop Prendiville. The cost was 54,000 pounds furnished.

Opening of New St. Peter's Church

The West Australian Article of 10th October 1964


Mosaic Art For the New St. Peter's Church


From the notes of Fr. O’Sullivan….. points of interest about the Church:
1. The tile roof is supported by a spider web of steel.
2. This is supported in turn by steel pillars encased in concrete.
3. The floor is concrete 5 inches thick, reinforced throughout with steel.
4. The pews were made by Ahearns – cost 3,000 pounds.
5. The marble sanctuary cost 3,000 pounds.
6. The stations of the Cross were made by Mrs Dan Mazzotti of Yokine and consists over 40,000 mosaics. The cost was 500 pounds and were donated by Martin Lynch and family.
7. The Tabernacle was transferred from the Old Church. It was donated by Ernie Reilly  as  a result of a promise made to Mgr O’Sullivan that he would give a new Tabernacle if his horse “Earl James” won the Railway Stakes. Mr Reilly was the owner of the Civic Hotel at the time. (The horse won by a nose.)  The year was 1953.
8. The Sacristy is narrow because I changed the original foundations to give more room or space behind the altar. I heard a rumour that Mass would possibly be said facing the people. The Archbishop said it would never happen. I took some other advice. N.B. The building is pre-Vatican II.
9. The Rock used as a Baptistery was given free and transported by White Rock Quarry, then owned by  O’Neills  (friends of mine). It weighs more than 2 tonnes. There is a large section under the  ground, “You are Peter- upon this rock…” etc – symbolic.
10. The Church and Tower and steps and walls all around the lot including rock and fee – 54,000 pounds.



4th DECADE  (1968-1978)


The Primary School had extensions made which included new classrooms, staffroom and toilets. Cost of $20,000.


1st April – The Church bell, which was imported from Italy was erected. It weighs 230 lbs (50 kg), is half a meter in diameter and cost $300. Mrs Maria Tavelli – Joe Tavelli’s mother, after visiting the parish and noticing that the church tower had no bells,  organised the bell to be made at the local foundry in Varese, Italy, and shipped to St. Peter’s parish in Australia. Joe and Terry Tavelli had a frame made for it and secured it to the tower.

The School was staffed by four Sisters and two lay women and had 275 students enrolled.


School Board was formed.

The Parish Council was formed.


Saturday evening Mass introduced. Sunday Masses 7.50am, 9am and 10.30 am.

Kitchen and toilet facilities were added to the Parish Hall.


New classrooms were added to the School. There were two Sisters and five Lay teachers.



5th DECADE 1978- 1988


First Lay Principal, Mr. Laurie Mayne was appointed for St. Peter’s Primary.

Two new classrooms were added.


Fr. Vincent O’Sullivan was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Columban Fathers ran the parish during his illness. He died on 16th December.

Fr. Vincent O'Sullivan in 1980


February – Fr. Jim Petry was appointed Parish Priest.

In accordance with the late Fr. O’ Sullivan’s desire of improvements to the interior and exterior of the Church, work was done to renovate. The floor tiles were removed and the Church was fully carpeted; an audio loop was fitted; new microphones and speakers were installed and the altar rails were removed and replaced with marble. The overall cost was $9,416.


May – All Hallows Inglewood amalgamated with St. Peter’s Bedford to become the Parish of Bedford/Inglewood.

During 1981 (Year of  the Disabled) ramps and audio loops were installed at both Churches.


Major renovations and extensions made to St. Peter’s Primary School. Students were moved off site for whilst construction was underway.

Years 1-4 were moved to Maylands Catholic School, and Years 5-7 to Yokine.

28th November – Mons. James Nestor blessed and opened the extensions and renovations to St. Peter’s Primary School. At the same time, Mons. Nestor unveiled a plaque commemorating 29 years of service by the late Fr. Vin O’Sullivan. The cost of the whole programme was $232,000.


March – The old house next to All Hallows was demolished and plans were drawn up for a new Parish Centre next to All Hallows Church.

May - Fr. Brian Morrison moved into the Presbytery as a base close to 6KY Studio. He assisted with Masses in the Parish, until he was moved in June 1985.

29th August – The new centre was blessed and formally opened by Fr. Jim O’Brien. The cost of the Centre was $33,000 and was paid for from the sale of the Presbytery.

Parish Centre Next to All Hallows Church


June 28thThe Feast of Saints Peter and St Paul was celebrated by the combined parishes and schools of Mt. Lawley and Bedford/Inglewood. Mass was concelebrated by Bishop Goody, Fr. Jim Petry and Fr. Mick Byrne. A smorgasborg luncheon was shared.

On this occasion the beautiful statue of St. Peter the Apostle was donated to the School/Parish by the Small family, in commemoration of their son, Peter, who passed away  in 1972.

St. Peter's Statue in the Church


A Gift From the Small Family

August - A Parish Census was undertaken.


The Family Fast Programme was initiated. It is a sacrificial, anonymous, non tax-deductible way of giving to the poor. Funds collected are used to help out small areas of the world that struggle with poverty or disaster. The essence of the programme is when you are sacrificing something, eg a bar of chocolate, a bottle of wine, or a favourite treat, you can offer your gift towards the Family Fast fund, knowing that you have ‘truly gone without for someone who goes without’.

Sr. Joan Forscutt O.L.M was appointed first full-time Pastoral Associate.


Mr. Laurie Mayne, after nine years of dedicated service as Principal of St. Peter’s Primary School, was succeeded by Mrs. Sue Groves.

Advent and Lenten discussion groups began and were very popular.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion were introduced into the Parish.



6th DECADE 1988-1998


9th April - The Dominican Sisters left St. Dominic’s Priory Bedford Park after 47 years of missionary work in  the field of education and pastoral care.

The Bell Tower Bulletin From April 1988

December – Bicentennial Youth Conference at Fairbridge – two young people sent as parish representatives.


“Year of Mission” was celebrated, with various activities at parish and Archdiocesan level.

16th September - St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Mark’s College amalgamated to form Chisholm Catholic College after two years of planning and building on two campuses. The building programme cost over two million dollars. The College was officially blessed and opened by Archbishop William Foley.

“Coming Home for Christmas” programme launched.


May – Fr. Jim Petry leaves  the Parish.

Fr. Bruce Jones was appointed Parish Priest.

August – the Parish celebrated Fr. Bruce’s 10th Anniversary of Priesthood in the Parish Hall.


June – Fr. Jones was succeeded as Parish Priest by Fr. Vincent Conroy.


September – Parish Mission was conducted for one and a half weeks duration. Talks were given by various priests, religious sisters and laity. The highlights were the international night with a procession between All Hallows and St. Peter’s. Archbishop Hickey presided at the closing Mass on 8th September.

December - Sr. Joan Forscutt left the parish after seven years as Pastoral Associate.


May – Fr. Vincent Conroy left the parish.

Fr. Trevor Simons was appointed new Parish Priest.

October – 30th Anniversary of  present St. Peter’s Church celebrated by Archbishop Hickey.

December – Mrs. Sue Groves resigned and Mr. Red Berson was appointed the new Principal of St. Peter’s Bedford.


Canonical visitation was made to the parish by Bishop Robert Healey during the year.

January – The newsletter “The Bell Tower” became the “Bedford/Inglewood Community Parish Newsletter” – one effort to create a sense of community between All Hallows and St. Peter’s.

February – Sr. Catherine Brophy was appointed as R.E. Co-ordinator for the Parish Religious Education Programme, working one day a week.

Parish Council membership increased from five to 14 members.

September – A survey (via questionnaire) attempted to isolate parishioners’ needs, opinions etc. A successful exercise.

October – First Outdoor Mass and Parish BBQ. It was very successful with over 400 people attending.

December – Mrs. Paula Boaro appointed as Pastoral Co-ordinator.


February – New fans were installed at All Hallows Church.

May – Fr. Bob Cardin conducted a three-day adult education seminar in the Parish entitled “ Who is My God?”


February – The Parish hosted a series of talks by various speakers on the suggested themes by Archbishop Hickey as a lead up to the Jubilee Year 2000.

September – Outreach programme “Petercare was launched in the Parish. 120 volunteers registered to assist in emergency care to help fellow parishioners.

14th September – The Parish/school community gathered for a “Blessing of the Site”, to mark the start of work on improvements to the school building, the surrounding grounds and conversion of part of the Parish Hall into a 4-year-old Kindergarten.

December – The Diocesan Resource Committee approved the plans for renovations to the forecourt of St. Peter’s Church.

The parish participated in social justice issues by petitioning the Fairwear Campaign and joined the rest of the world in the campaign against the continued use of land mines.


7th DECADE 1998-2008


January – Mrs. Evelyn Tierney was appointed Pastoral Assistant.

4th March - The 60th Anniversary of All Hallows Church was celebrated with a Mass of Thanksgiving followed by supper in the Parish Centre.

August – Parish Census was undertaken. As a result, it was discovered the parish had approximately 1,100 families.

8th-12th September – Parish Mission held over five days with the theme of “Praise the Past, Embrace the Future.”

October – ‘Blessing of the Animals’ incorporated (for the first time) in the Annual Outdoor Mass – held in the redeveloped grounds of St. Peter’s School.

1st November – 60th Anniversary of Bedford/Inglewood Community Parish. Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Barry Hickey.


21st February – The Dominican Centenary was celebrated in our Parish. It was a way of thanking the Sisters for their generous contribution to establishing St. Peter’s Parish Community and School in the past.

April-May – Norma Woodcock held a series of presentations on the theme “Heart Journey”. More than 300 people attended the last 3-day series.

June – Parishioners voted for Mass time changes which came into effect in December.

August – Sr. Elizabeth Devine presented a retreat on the theme “What Does it Mean to be a Disciple Today.”

2nd-3rd October – To celebrate the Year of the Older Person, a special Mass was celebrated over the weekend.

Christmas Eve – The Holy Doors were blessed and opened at the conclusion of a candle light procession at Midnight Mass. Many attended this significant event in our parish life.

The design of the door was based on ideas generated in parish meetings “Countdown to Jubilee”.
The top left-hand panel features the Jubilee logo: in a circular field, which indicates the universe, a cross is inscribed which sustains and upholds humanity gathered in the five continents represented by  five doves. The circular form in which the doves are represented underlies the spirit of solidarity which animates the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000.
The top right-hand panel features the symbolic Alpha and Omega (the beginning and the end) representing the Father…before history, in history, after history. The words: “This is the gate of the Lord…” are part of the rite which the Pope opened the Holy Door in Rome. The universal nature of the top two panels is balanced by the two bottom panels which have local significance.
At the suggestion of parishioners involved in planning the Holy Door, we see presented some symbols of St. Peter and something symbolic of the different cultures represented within our parish. Hence the panel featuring the symbols of St. Peter: the fish, the keys, the rock and the panel featuring three persons reaching up to the dove. These three people have different coloured faces (representing the different cultures) and the design of this panel is based on our parish banner. The words: “Spirit filled we can learn to live as one” are taken from the song: “Proclaim Jubilee” –which was used to open the parish meetings on Jubilee. The Holy Door is the central of the symbol of the Jubilee Year symbolising the human journey towards God through time and space and the spiritual significance of the Year.


27th February – Parishioners of Inglewood/Bedford joined Dianella Parish for a Jubilee Pilgrimage to St. Patrick’s Basilica in Fremantle for Sunday Mass. This was followed by a picnic lunch on the foreshore. This event was greatly enjoyed by 150 parishioners from the combined parishes who were welcomed by Fr. Don Hughes OMI.

3rd March – The World Day of Prayer was celebrated by local Christian denominations at All Hallows Church with a Mass followed by refreshments.

9th April - The Jubilee for Migrants and Refugees was celebrated by the Parish at the 10.30 Mass. Many wore national dress on the day and Mass began with a procession of various nationalities.

11th June – Feast of Pentecost, “Pilgrimage of the Heart”, a national celebration where leaders of Australia’s Christian Churches engaged in an act of reconciliation. Marlene Jackamarra, a guest speaker spoke about Aboriginal reconciliation. Parishioners dressed in Jubilee colours and enjoyed morning tea afterwards.

29th June – On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul the Bedford/Inglewood Parish invited parishioners from Our Lady’s Assumption, Dianella to join in celebrating the feast of the Patron Saint, in an effort to forge links with other communities.

7th July – Jubilee Dinner for migrants/refugees in the Parish Hall. This was a follow- up celebration to April’s event. Parishioners were invited to wear their national costumes and bring a dish from their national cuisine and music from their culture. Over 100  parishioners attended.

23rd October – The Parish participated in a prayer service with St. John the Baptist Ukranian Orthodox Catholic Church in Maylands.

29th October – A Family Picnic day was held after the 10.30am Mass. There was a car rally to the park where there were barbeques and a children’s playground.

26th November – Feast of Christ the King, the parish joined in the Archdiocesan Great Jubilee celebrations at Subiaco Oval. This was a massive witness of our Catholic Faith. Mass celebrated by Archbishop Hickey and Bishop Healy with many concelebrating priests of the diocese.

8th December – Feast of the Immaculate Conception was celebrated at St. Peter’s Church with parishioners of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Church.

13th December – Parishioners and St. Peter’s School celebrated an outdoor Mass, followed by a picnic.


January – Parish Workers’ Breakfast held in the Parish Hall to thank all those who were involved in some ministry the previous year. Over 100 people attended.

Mr. Red Berson completed his term as Principal at St. Peter’s School.

May – The “Book of Remembrance” was commenced in the parish for parishioners to place the names and dates of the anniversary of death of their loved ones.

8th June – Parish Quiz Night to raise funds for Princess Margaret Hospital, Starlight Foundation, St. Vincent de Paul Society and Lions’s Club. $710 was raised.

27th July – A Finger Food Fest was celebrated in the Parish Hall by the parish.

August – Fr. Trevor Simons celebrated his 20th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood in Mass of Thanksgiving and was followed by a supper in the Parish Hall.

29th December – The Parish Christmas Party was held on the grounds of St. Peter’s School.


May - As a result of a recent storm damage, new paint work was done on the Sanctuary of St. Peter’s Church.

September - $1000 from the Family Fast fund was sent to the Servite Sisters in South India, it would go towards the building of a tertiary college that would cater for the education of disadvantaged women.

23rd November – St. Peter’s Primary School celebrated their 60th anniversary of Catholic education, held at the Chisholm grounds.

December - New carpet was put in the Church to replace the old, which was placed in 1981.

$500 from the Family Fast fund was given to a Mother Teresa charity in Burma towards the care of destitute children in her apostolate.

Fr. Trevor Simons announced in his AGM report that Archbishop Hickey  had met with the Melkite Bishop and plans would be under way in 2004 to transfer ownership of All Hallows Church to the Melkite Catholic Community.


March – Over 100 parishioners gathered to watch the just released “The Passion of the Christ” on a Sunday at the Galleria Movie Complex in Morley. The general consensus was that the film was inspirational and well worth watching during the period of Lent.

11th – 13th June – Canonical visitation was made to the parish by Archbishop Barry Hickey. On the Saturday night of the 12th there was a supper reception at the Parish Hall after the 6pm Mass. The visit concluded with the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation at Sunday Mass.

25th June - Quiz Night held at the Parish Hall. Proceeds of $733 raised went to Princess Margaret Hospital. Contributions for prizes came from our parishioners and businesses, Kim Long Chinese Restaurant and Fresh Provisions, Mount Lawley.

August - $2000 from the Family Fund was donated to SVDP, another $2000 went to Caritas Australia towards the Sudan crisis, and $1000 was donated to the Stella Maris Seafarers Apostolate.

From 23rd October – All Masses celebrated at St. Peter’s Church after recent damage to the ceiling in All Hallows Church.

31st October - The parish celebrated St. Peter’s Church’s 40th anniversary of its consecration at the Sunday 10.30am Mass. The primary school choir provided the music at the Mass, and after Mass there was a sausage sizzle at the undercover area of the school.

November – Fr. Trevor Simons revealed in his AGM report that Vincent Kearney who had been serving the parish as Parish Accountant among many other duties for over 30 years had decided to retire. He welcomed Murray Callan as the new Parish Accountant. Travers Herman who had completed 30 years service as an Acolyte had also decided to retire.

25th November - Farewell Mass of All Hallows Church held at 7pm. The Church is transferred to the care of the Catholic Melkite Community with the approval of Archbishop Hickey. The Parish Community is consolidated to the one Church, St. Peter the Apostle.


24 June – Parish Quiz Night with “General Knowledge” questions held at the Parish Hall.

26th August - International Finger Food Feast was hosted in the Hall.


30th June - Parish Quiz Night raised $1000 which went to the Autism Association of WA.

7th July - International Jubilee Dinner For All was held at the Hall to mark the Jubilee for all in our community.

12th July - Jubilee Ecumenical Service was hosted by the parish for Christian unity at All Hallows Church. Rev. Harry Entwhistle and his parishioners from St. Patrick’s Anglican parish in Mount Lawley were invited to join the event, followed by light supper at the All Hallow’s Parish Centre.

20th August - Fr. Trevor Simons celebrated his Silver Jubilee of Priesthood with the parish at Mass, and afterwards outside of St. Peter’s School with food contributions from the Sri Lankan community.

27th October – International Finger Food Feast was held in the Hall.

This year, from the Family Fast fund, $5,000 was donated to the Australian Aids Fund Inc. for their work in Malawi, Africa, $2,000 went to the local St. Vincent de Paul’s Conference, and $1,000 was donated to St. Vincent de Paul in Bangladesh.


29th April - Farewell Mass for Fr. Trevor Simons, he had served the parish for 13 years.

Fr. Sam (Albert Saminedi) appointed new Parish Priest.

3rd June - His Lordship Bishop Joseph Abangite Gasi from the Diocese of Yambio, South Sudan, celebrated the Sunday Masses on his visit to Australia, the first ever by a Sudanese Bishop. He was accompanied by his secretary, Fr. John Gbemboyo. A collection of $2,000 and another $2,000 from Family Fast was made for orphan children of Sudan.

10th August – Quiz Night held in the Hall with proceeds of $950 raised for the Cathedral Appeal.



8th DECADE 2008-2011


5th JuneFirst Healing Mass was held at the Church followed by Fellowship in the Hall, and continued on the first Friday of each month.

28th August – Quiz Night raised $1,660 towards Family Fast.

Donations toward Family Fast have been given to many causes over two years; helping needy children and orphanages in Zimbabwe, India and South Sudan, school and medicinal supplies in India and Sudan, a remote parish in India, and a poor family in Bangladesh.


14th FebruaryBaptism Preparation Program started for the parish with sessions held in the Hall and Church.

17th-18th July – Alliance of the Two Hearts Annual Retreat was hosted in the Church.


13th FebruaryFarewell Mass for Fr. Sam (Albert Saminedi).

Fr. Dat Vuong appointed new Parish Priest.

29th June – Website launched on St. Peter’s Feast day.

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