Make a donation to St Peter the Apostle for roof restoration and ongoing cost for church maintenance.

You can now make a secure online donation to St Peter the Apostle through direct debit:

Account Name: St Peter’s Parish
Bank: Westpac Beaufort Street, Inglewood
BSB: 036041
Account Number: 890913

As there was an ongoing issue of the church’s roof leak and there was a need for renovation to the presbytery, we ask of your generous donation to help with the repair cost. The followings are the issues that still needs attention:

  • Church Roof Leaks: at the main entrance, church’s window at the upper level (water is coming down and into the Sacristy and into the upper loft), Church’s under-croft area
  • Parish Hall: windows need to be replaced, ceilings, floor, air-conditioner, ground bore system, toilet doors and locks.
  • Presbytery: damp issue has been resolved but the exposed area needs to be fixed to prevent trips and accident to happen.

We are calling on you for financial offerings; it will encourage and enable us to succeed in the restoration.

Thank you for your generosity