Communication and History Committee

Objectives of the Committee:

  • Ensure and assist in the updating of the parish website and Facebook.
  • Conduct an audit and categorisation of the parish historical archive.
  • Produce a report of the audit in digital and hardcopy formats.
  • House the archives contents in conditions that will ensure their preservation and easy access.
  • Organise ways, such as permanent and special occasion displays, to expose some of the contents to the parishioners and the general public.
  • Use various strategies, such as parish leaflets, mass announcements and posters, to inform parishioners of parish projects, appeals, special events, activities and the nature and whereabouts of parish resources such as the parish website.
  • Apply for grants from such bodies as the Lotteries Commission, State Government and similar bodies and institutions together with advertising and donations from businesses, corporations and individuals, to fund the committees projects.
  • Engage our two Catholic schools — St Peters Primary School and Chisholm College — and the parish community to assist in the expansion of the archive through the recording of the oral histories of those who have a long and/or significant involvement in the parish’s development.
    Produce a publication of these recordings in digital and hardcopy formats.

Committee Members

Amy Koo

Christabel Pereira

Fr Jeronimo

Gabriel Bucher

Committee meetings are not anticipated. Members of the committee will be called to assist only when their specific skills are required.