Good Neighbours

St. Peter’s Good Neighbours was formed in July 1987 to fill a need for help to the elderly, bereaved, sick and lonely of the parish. Members in the group meet at intervals to arrange outings and visits to those in need.

The role of  Good Neighbours is to be caring to those experiencing times of loneliness, illness, bereavement, etc. Members make visits to anyone in need whether it be someone to talk to or someone needing practical help. Visits are made according to the time a member has to give and do not have to be any structured or formulated basis, just whatever is the need of the person at the time.

The Good Neighbours is currently one of the many ministries in the church today. Their main role now is to focus more on offering spiritual and social fulfillment. Once every two months they organise a Healing Mass in the Parish Hall where the Good Neighbours organise transport for the elderly to attend the Mass and back, follow by a light supper, and on special occasions there are some entertainment.  Besides the Healing Mass, the Good Neighbours organise a luncheon at a given venue to eat, drink and chat.